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I Felt Hope

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meet the girl
Prim, 16, Thai. Yes, that's right. Prim, as in 'prim and proper'. Currently in Berlin, Germany. I'm a sophomore in high school, a little shy, bookworm. Very ambitious, worries a lot, analyzes everything to an inch of their lives. Has a tendency to ramble. Well, anyway...

Friends. Family. Books. Little Women. Twilight. Alice/Jasper. Harry Potter. Movies. Grease. Love Actually. Stardust. Journalism. Grey's Anatomy. The OC. 24. Music. Dashboard Confessional. Stars. Snow Patrol. Jem. Nickelback. Cake. Dessert. Food. Hot Chocolate. Writing. Laughing. Livejournal. Perfume. The Pact. My Sister's Keeper. Private Practice. Pretty Woman. Notting Hill.


derschatzi Prim is definitely one of the people here in LJ that I have a lot in common with. Our similarities even go beyond our fandoms, and that's what makes me consider her to be a great friend, even though we've never actually met. I love you, Primmie.

scatteredintime If I had an inner circle of LJ friends, Prim would totally belong in it.
Prim, you're one of the sweetest people I met over LJ and the fact that you're not that far away from me makes it even greater. Love you, my fellow Twilight sister. ♥

inmymcdreams Prim is rarely grim, she would never break my limb. Prim, even though i haven't known you long, I can say in confidence that you are one of the kindest people on LJ! :)

gsr_rocks You are a truly fantastic person and I am honored to have you on my f-list. *smooches*

droppingtear You are a very nice girl. And I value you as lj friend! You just have to get more confident! You are more beautiful than you think, kk?

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